About Kristen Gill Media

Kristen Gill Media is a full-service multi-media production company specializing in strategic storytelling, including video, photography, writing, and communications for the travel, outdoor, and lifestyle industries. We help you tell your story!

Our target market is small to mid-sized companies with budgets of between $5,000 – $30,000 to invest in campaigns, web site redesigns, social media strategies, and content creation. Need a year’s worth of images for your twitter and facebook feeds? Need fresh content for your web site? Need a redesign of your online presence? Need experiential videos to help describe your product? We can help.

We specialize in custom-designed content packages that help you share your company’s unique story with the world. We’ve put together an award-winning team of media professionals who will work together with you to find your story and create the most authentic and engaging content for your business.

About Kristen Gill

Kristen Gill has been working in the travel, technology, business, and leisure industry for over 18 years. She understands the importance of storytelling and has been actively writing, photographing, and documenting ideas, events, and companies for years. Kristen has a vast network and a special talent for putting the right people together, where magical things can happen. She started Kristen Gill Media (KGM) to keep the magic going.