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Kristen Gill – Founder and CEO

Kristen Gill
Kristen Gill is a creative writer, photographer, and media consultant who delivers fresh content that resonates with the intended audience. She has worked with Fortune 500 Companies, Tourism Boards, Destination Marketing Organizations, Conservation agencies, lodges, hotels, tour operators, trade associations, and marketing and representation companies. She has long known the power of Storytelling and the impact it can have for your business or brand. Kristen founded this company in order to use her networking skills to bring together a solid team that can best help you tell your story!

Maureen Gill-Emerson – Director of Business Development (Europe)

maureen gill
With experience in corporate development, account management, marketing and PR, and communications, Maureen specializes in fundraising development, building key relationships and launching start-up companies. Originally from Chicago she has spent the past 11 years in Europe and currently resides in Cork, Ireland. She travels regularly and now aims to perfect stress-free travel with her two young sons. In her free time enjoys exploring the outdoors – hiking, cycling, surfing and kayaking -volunteering, dancing, and sharing stories over food, wine and coffee.


Cathy Brown – Content Provider & Writer

Cathy is a full-time travel writer and editor. She currently lives in the Andes of Patagonia with her three kids. She covers luxury, family, and adventure travel and is faculty at Matador Network’s travel writing university, MatadorU. Her current passions include surfing, shamanism, old-school Polaroid photography, mountain climbing, natural construction and organic gardening.

David Llama – Videographer & Creative Director

david llama
David Llama is a Creative Director in media production rooted in multi-sensory storytelling. David’s creative approach to story comes from his years working as a film and advertising editor in Mexico and the U.S. Growing up between two different cultures – from Mexico City to Seattle – gave him the skills to synthesize and elevate the most compelling moments in any situation, be it a full format documentary film or a 30 second animation. David weaves stories layered by his inspiration from music, nature, texture, and everyday people. The goal is to always craft stories that communicate our human connection. David works with big brands, including Microsoft, T-Mobile, Pandora, HTC, and RedBull. In addition, David is proud to collaborate with change makers including TriFilms, Powerful Voices, and Forterra.

Genevieve Hathaway – Photographer & Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Business Development

Genevieve Hathaway
Genevieve Hathaway is a travel and documentary photographer specializing in developing nations and post-conflict regions. Her passions for archaeology, wildlife conservation, mountaineering and women’s issues have taken her across the Middle East, Pakistan, North Africa and Australasia. She has lived and worked in the MENA region, Middle East and North Africa, for over a decade. Genevieve is committed to changing perspectives through her visual storytelling.

Philip Townsend – Videographer

Phillip Townsend Videographer Kristen Gill Media
Phillip is a freelance filmmaker based in Seattle. One of his favorite projects was driving  a snowmobile over 5,000 miles covering the Iditarod dog race in Alaska. From working in blizzards and -55 degree temps to tropical temps covering the destruction of Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban, Philippines, Phillip has learned to adapt to a variety conditions in extreme locations while still getting ‘the shot’. His work has taken him to Haiti multiple times, Sierra Leone, Baja Mexico and all over the West Coast of the USA. Phillip’s past clients are a motley group ranging from CBS, Fox News, Fortune, NBC, ESPN, to indie films, documentaries, commercials, and web content. Adept at shooting, audio, as well as field producing, Phillip is an adventurer and searcher of stories that make a difference.

Ana Ortega – Animal Conservation & Mexico Business Development

Ana Ortega Animal Conservation Kristen Gill Media
Ana has experience in animal protection and conservation and has worked in media and PR for different non-profit organizations and private projects. She produces a radio show about animals, to inform and inspire people to reconnect with compassion toward all beings on Earth. Ana lives in paradise: La Paz, Mexico, with her 3 dogs and 2 cats close to the beach, where she has the privilege to see all the wonders of the Sea of Cortez: whales, sea turtles, dolphins, and sea lions. She is Co-founder of Sociedad Humanitaria de La Paz, a non-profit who’s goal is to create social change for the peace between humans and companion animals.

Gaby de Vega – Product Consultant & Latin America Business Development

Gaby de Vega Kristen Gill Media
Gaby founded Akwaterra Adventure Travel in 2004. She loves the authenticity of the ” emerging” world. El Salvador and Central America are her stomping grounds and she collaborates with local tour operators, tourism boards, and government organizations to be a part of its growth and evolution. She firmly believes that Central America is a gem and with the right inspiration and storytelling strategies, together we can make it thrive. She loves to contribute to the flow of emerging economies, sustainable growth, evolution, and enriching, transformative human experience.